What we do is Attract, Retain and Retire the best advisors in the industry.

Annual review team’s – Protect your clients and their business’s financial future with our decades old annual review teams.  These teams will always ensure that your clients polices are performing at their best on an annual basis when you or your practice is gone.


Retirement planning needs to start now, not tomorrow. You can’t afford to wait. When your money isn’t compounding, building upon itself, you’re losing cash when you could just as easily be earning it.

Life Insurance

It’s a difficult subject to discuss. No one wants to think about it, but the fact remains: You will die someday. It could happen today, tomorrow or hopefully decades from now.

Virtual Meeting

Assigning next-in-line ownership to your possessions is stressful. Deciding who gets the cars, the house, the heirlooms and the rest of your estate can create tension and strain a family’s dynamic.

Who we are

We are a unique team of the brightest professionals.

We help independent advisors become a household name in their communities through exclusive products and strategic marketing so that more Americans, can retire healthy. We help advisors who represent Charities, Universities, Professional Athletes, Family office groups, Private Banks, Large Law Firms, Accounting Firms, Trust Companies, Risk Management Companies, all affluent business owners, Billionaires, Millionaires, retire healthy.

Our dedicated team has over 100 years of combined experience in, Fixed Indexed Annuities, Life, Long Term Care and exclusive premium financed insurance wealth-utilizing structures.

With no interruption in the cash flow of the client’s investment portfolio, Our structures provide a source of capital while having value in charitable, business and/or estate planning.

With the help of our specialized transactions, individuals from around the world with high net worth can finance large amounts of life insurance, funding and securing the loan primarily through the policy itself.

About us

Reliable partners and a positive attitude.

Our Vision

We build a special kind fun into each relationship we encounter destined to advance the standard of living, making practice efficiency and ease of matching your priorities and character with our systems.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver unparalleled service, practice building craftsmanship, and top carrier recommendation’s on your command, building each advisors ultimate dream practice of your wishes.


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