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Brian Kortright was raised in Omaha, Nebraska, majoring in Marketing and Business Administration in 1995.He began his financial services career with a Texas based Insurance Marketing firm, where he earned their best recruiter/marketing assistant in 1998. In October of 1998 he founded an Omaha based insurance marketing firm and with his newly hired partner in 2000, for the next six years he and his partner built a successful nationally recognized firm with thousands of advisors in all 50 states receiving “FMO” status with multiple carriers and receiving numerous company awards for four of those years

In 2006, after selling his shares Brian started Kortright Partners Inc.company that has become known in the insurance industry for its innovation, Service, and leadership. Although it began as a small dream then, Kortright Partners has grown into a well-established national insurance marketing organization with thousands of agent “Partners” in all 50 states.

As an Idea Specialist and coach, Brian has earned the reputation to spot industry and demographic trends to help Kortright Partners maximize their opportunities and by proactively encouraging those around him to reach their goals and beyond. Known nationwide as a leader in the industry; Kortright Partners is here to stay.

In his career, Brian has offered ideas to various insurance company board members and is a proud member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA), and the National Ethics Bureau (NEB). Brian’s passion in life is serving others and assisting them in realizing their dreams. Brian strives to live his life as an example to all that come in contact with him.

We have a web presence across a number of different channels like our website and social networks and will add tips to help our friends and clients how to gather leads, and have more successful email campaigns as well as creating your website plus up to date industry news. We augment that by keeping your name infront of new clients and prospects. We expand your reach and build your business. We encourage you to follow us as we follow you on linkedin.

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